Moving to Dallas Fort Worth: Everything You Need to Know If the thought of moving to Fort Worth has ever crossed your mind, you’re definitely not alone. More than 250 residents become members of the Dallas-Fort Worth area each day. This is more than any other metropolitan area in the United States. It’s no surprise that Fort Worth has these numbers. The area is filled with world-class museums, top-notch restaurants, numerous venues for live music, and the residents. Here are some of the friendliest you will find in the whole of Texas.

The cohesion between the various cultures is unlike any town in other counties in Texas. The cowboy culture and urban living have managed to co-exist side by side. This makes the town quite unique as you get to enjoy the true feel of western heritage and what it means to live in Texas.

Is Moving to Dallas Fort Worth, Worth It?

Regardless of what you are moving to Fort Worth for— your career or just to experience what’s lifelike, you’ll discover pretty fast that Fort Worth is a great city to live in.

Apart from the rich history, culture, and the exciting nightlife, living in Fort Worth will present you with great neighbors who are quaint and friendly. There is a boatload of things to see and do here, and the cost of living is pretty affordable.

If you are looking to set up a business, you’re opportunities to succeed are far from enough. All these make Fort Worth the perfect place to set your roots. They make living there worth it.

The Weather in Dallas

The weather in Dallas can get quite confusing sometimes. In the summer, you should expect considerate heat and warm temperatures. In the winter, you can count on it to be consistently inconsistent. The summer months will have average highs of aboutmid-90’s, with a couple of days hitting 100 degrees.

Winters are confusing, to say the least. You can have 40 digress outside today, and tomorrow, it will be 80 degrees. Sometimes you can experience a 50-degree drop in temperature in a span of 18 to 24 hours.

But don’t let that deter you from moving to Fort Worth. The winters are pretty mild. The highs are in the 50’s while the low range in the mid-’30s. During fall and spring, the weather is beautiful, with little to no humidity at all.

It rarely snows, and when it falls, it will not last more than a day. The rainiest months are February and March, but thunderstorms appear anytime. 

The Culture of Dallas

The city of Dallas has grown to accommodate diverse ethnicities, such as the Hispanic and black communities but is predominantly composed of a white population. The cuisine in Dallas reflects its population, so it stands as a blend of Mexican and Texan food, including the famous barbecue. The region is also famous for its affinity for performing arts with many museums and theatres, allowing anyone moving to Dallas to be a part of its rich culture.   

Moving to Dallas, Tx will mean you’ll experience a melting pot of cultures, lifestyles. This blend and convergence of cultures speak volumes of the uniqueness and differences that are seen throughout the city.

Cost of Living in Dallas

The average cost of living in Dallas is 2% higher than the national average. The cost of transport is notably higher by 17% compared to the national average while health and housing are 65% lower. The cost of housing for many people falls at around $214,700 annually.

An average single person is estimated to spend $ 800 to $ 1000 a month, not including rent. A family of four may have $ 3000 to $ 5000 expenditure and very live comfortably. 

Fun Things to Do in Dallas

From history, commerce, culture, and entertainment, Fort Worth has something for everyone who plans to relocate to Fort Worth, Texas. It is recommended to begin a tour of this city by visiting Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Here you can taste the life of cowboys and cowgirls by participating in rodeos, horse treks, and enjoying music shows taking you back in time. 

Dallas promises intrigue for people of all ages and palates. A visit to the Sixth-floor museum will take you on a historical ride of events leading to and after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, followed by his renowned memorial site. 

Nature lovers will enjoy touring the Dallas Arboretum and botanical garden as they get to feast their eyes on the scenic environment full of trees and flowers while engaging in exciting physical activities such as hiking or fishing. 

Best Places to Live in Dallas

Most newbies who are moving to Fort Worth, Texas, would want to live in the city. The prices are quite reasonable, and there are a lot of activities they can undertake in. If you are looking for something a bit slow-paced, then the suburbs are where to turn.

Dallas holds a variety of fun, safe, and lively, suburbs, especially if you have children. There is a lot to gain from living there. Some of the best parks and trails and authentic ethnic cuisine are found in the suburbs.

So, if you think living in the suburbs will mean missing out, you’ll be surprised. Some of the best suburbs in Dallas are: 

  1. Addison 

Known for the culture, young demographic, and closeness to Dallas, Addison is a beautiful neighborhood. The median age is 32, so relocating to Dallas, Texas, and are around there, you’ll fit it perfectly.

2.       Frisco

Frisco is family-friendly, and the activities you could do there are so many. It’s a bit far than other suburbs. Frisco is also where the National Videogame Museum, IKEA, and the Dallas Cowboys’ World Headquarters are located.

3.      Farmers Branch 

Close to Dallas and quite affordable, Farmers Branch is great if you want the closeness to the city but the slow-pace of suburb life. Also, home to a younger demographic, Farmer Branch promises affordable housing, especially if you are moving to Dallas, Tx, on a budget.

4.      Plano

Plano is known for its employment opportunities and growth. Many United States companies have their corporate offices in Plano. If you are relocating to Fort Worth, Texas, for your career’s betterment, setting up roots here will not be a bad idea.

There new apartment complexes coming up every year, and you’ll be just outside Dallas.

4.      Carrollton

Carrollton has a population of about 120,000 and is one of the biggest suburbs around Dallas. The diversity in Carrollton and the affordability of living there is what makes this area a great option. The population is composed of over 30 % Hispanic, 13 % Asian, and 8 % African American.

Some of the best international cuisine like Indian and Vietnamese in Dallas is found in Carrollton. 

What to Do in Fort Worth

From history, commerce, culture, and entertainment Fort Worth has something for everyone who plans on relocating to Fort Worth, Texas. You should start a tour of this city by visiting Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. 

Here you can taste the life of cowboys and cowgirls by participating in rodeos, horse treks, and enjoying music shows taking you back in time. Animal lovers can spend their free time at the Fort Worth Zoo to watch flamingos, apes, rhinos, and droves of endangered species.

Anyone moving to Fort Worth is bound to frequent the Sundance square, which is a diverse business hub for all residential and retailer needs. Those who appreciate art can visit museums such as Amon Carter Museum or the Circle Theatre, one of the venues to view drama and music performances.  

Business and Employment Opportunities in Dallas

With numerous big named corporations moving to Dallas, such as American airlines, there has been an influx in job opportunities. There is no shortage of vacancies for people in sales, nursing, systems engineering, and teaching. The city is driven by manufacturing, processing of oil and gas, and a booming aviation sector.

Fortune 500 companies and small business owners have found Dallas to be ripe with opportunity. The most lucrative business ventures are in real estate, legal consultancy, theatre, the supply of sports products, and advertising, which people moving to Dallas Fort Worth metroplex Texas can take advantage of.

Shopping in Dallas

The region is filled with retailers, department stores, and malls, which guarantee to suit your needs, whether on a luxurious or economical budget. The Highland Park is an example of unparalleled outdoor shopping containing an endless display of famous clothing brands and caters to people in search of fine dining with tastes ranging from Italian to seafood. 

NorthPark Centre is a gem to the Dallas shopper as it brings together more than 200 retailers and a collection of works from renowned artists to spice up your shopping experience. 

Education in Dallas

Education is important in Dallas. Thousands of people are moving to Dallas, Tx, to seek education. The city is a major education hap in the South-Central area of the U.S. There are public schools, private, charter, and magnet schools, international schools, and schools for special needs students.

If neither of these schools makes the cut for you, you could also home-school your child. Home-schooling in the state of Texas is legal, but there are certain rules you need to meet.

Health Care System and Facilities

Dallas County has 42 hospitals, and this is the second-highest number of hospitals in Texas after Harris County houses, which has around 80 hospitals. The Dallas Fort Worth area is famous for its renowned healthcare facilities and resources nationally.

Parkland Memorial Hospital and Baylor University Medical Center are hospitals recognized on the national level and are ranked as some of the best by U.S. News and World Report. The Children’s Medical Center of Dallas is ranked in 10 different specialties.

Apart from giving patients the best quality healthcare services, hospitals are also a great opportunity for jobs and growth opportunities. This includes all the hospital physicians and dentist offices. About 331000 people are employed in this sector, and the annual wages and salaries are $36 billion.

Features of Living in Dallas-Fort Worth

Life in Dallas-Fort Worth is pretty great. There are a lot of things that make living here such a marvel. These include:

  1. Affordable Housing 

The area’s popularity definitely means the prices of houses will go up. Regardless, the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex Texas area has some of the most affordable housing. They are practically lower than the national averag.

2.Low Cost of Living

In Texas, filling your gas tank is lower than the cost of buying food, unlike most states.

  1. Professional Sports Teams

Dallas is home to the Dallas Cowboys, and they command the title of “America’s Team.” If you love football, Dallas is the land of football obsession.

  1. Lots of cool places to live in 

Dallas has some great neighborhoods. Since housing is relatively affordable, you can find yourself living in one of the United States’ best cities.

  1. Exciting site-seeing

Dallas is full of exciting attractions, restaurants, and art museums. If you really want to explore the city, some places you can check out are:

  • The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.
  • Deep Ellum is Dallas’ home of jazz and blues
  • The AT&T Performing Arts Center in Downtown Dallas.
  • The Dallas Arts District for the wide array of cultural and artistic entertainment.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Dallas

Pros of Living in Dallas

everything is bigger and better in Texas, or so they say. The first thing you’ll love about Texas is the southern charm. Apart from that, here are some other pros of living in Dallas.

  • There are loads of employment opportunities.
  • The taxes are fewer.
  • Living in Dallas is quite safer than any U.S metropolitan area.
  • There a lot of great schools
  • The weather is sort of great.
  • The Southern culture and hospitality are warm and welcoming.

Cons of Living in Dallas

It’s not all bed of daffodils and roses to live in Dallas. Like any other great city, there are many drawbacks but nothing too serious, but you be the judge. Some of them include:

  • Cost of Living is not expensive. It’s not cheap either
  • Get Ready for terrible Traffic
  • Public Transportation is a little neglected and not reliable


When it comes to utility services, most follow similar practices for new accounts and several companies offer their service to the entire area. Most cities usually ask for a $50 deposit to initiate their water service at your new location. However, if you are moving within the county, you only need to pay a $10 relocation fee. Water sewage, recycling, and other municipal services are billed on a monthly statement.
Electricity service in Dallas underwent an enormous shift back in January of 2002 when electricity was deregulated. This meant that residents have a choice when it comes to who is their electricity provider. Regardless of your electricity provider, you need to provide some basic information to set it up, including your previous address and electric provider your new address and phone number, driver’s license number, and your Social Security number.
If you use gas for heating, then you need to contact the local gas company. Atmos Energy is the go-to gas provider for most of Dallas Fort Worth. Make sure you have the same details (new address, telephone number, name of your former gas service company, driver’s license number, and Social Security) when you call them.

Choice of Electricity

What Does Power To Choose Electricity In Texas Mean?
Texas residents and businesses have had the right to shop for electricity rates since 2002. This right of electric choice is the “Power to Choose.” We help you easily evaluate the electricity plans available to Texas homes and businesses. We are an independent source of information to help you compare power plans to get the best Texas electricity rates. Whether you are looking for the best energy plan to fit your needs, or the cheapest electricity rate, free nights electricity, green energy or the best prepaid electricity plans, having the power to choose means just that — the power to choose is in your hands.

If you’re coming from out-of-state, it may surprise you how hot it can get during the Texas summers. That’s definitely going to give your air-conditioning a run for its money. With many hot days in the year and a sizeable average home square footage, The use of electricity is usually higher in Texas than in other states. However, since the Lone Star State has a free electricity market, it means you have the freedom to choose the best electricity plan for your needs. Regardless of where you choose to live in the Dallas area, finding the best electricity provider is important.


So, you’re probably asking yourself if you should move to Dallas? Well, if this wonderful compilation isn’t enough to convince, maybe a stay there might. It’s a wonderful place to start or raise a family, and the pros far outweigh the cons.