Transferring utilities is an essential step that most people forget to make, especially when they are moving.


Other individuals may not forget to change name on utility bill but skip the process, arguing that it’s complicated.


Your utility bills represent the typical charge of running your house. There are five main types of home utilities. Depending on terms of your lease and area of residence, you may be responsible for some or all of them. They are:


  • Trash pick-up


  • Natural gas



  • Internet and cable


  • Sewer and water


As per the law, if you established the utility account, you’re named on the bill. This means that if you move without shifting utilities, you’ll still have to handle the costs even when you’ve moved out.


The more reason you should transfer utilities to new tenant.


Contrary to what most people believe, transferring utilities into someone else’s name is a simple task and ordinarily takes a few minutes.


If you’re wondering how to change name on electric bill without much hassle, you’re reading the right article.


How to Change the Name on a Utility Bill


First things first. Before anything else, you need to put in the name of the new tenant on the bill. This not only helps you avoid paying for expenses you didn’t incur, but it enables you to gain some peace of mind as well.


Whether you’ve changed your name legally, want to transfer utilities to roommate, have married, or want to move out, the solution is the same: Create a new utility account.


Then, contact the utility company and inform them what you’d like to do. Depending on the organization, it may send you a ‘change of account holder information’ document or make the changes immediately.


Once you get the document, fill it and resend it.


If you take the online route when handling your bills, simply log into your account, rectify the name, and explain why you want to change it.


Upon completion, click on the ‘update information’ alternative, and you’re good to go.


Removing Someone from the Account


People who lease an apartment together often split the bills. When one of them decides to leave or tragedy strikes, e.g., death, the next logical step is to convert the account to your name alone.


The utility company has the answers you seek. You could choose to visit the organization and submit your appeal, visit its website, or make a phone call to them.


They’ll need you to provide some paperwork to confirm that you’re the sole tenant of the space.


Upon confirmation, they will make all the required changes, granting you the current account number, balance, credit history, and open date.


The time it takes for the switch to be effective may vary depending on how soon you present the documents and contact them.


Account Holder Responsibilities


Now that your name appears on the utility bill, the law requires you to pay the bills. That’s why it’s a good idea to include another person’s name if you choose to live with them.


It’s your responsibility to follow up on the utilities and ensure they’re provided at the agreed-upon time.


If you’re leasing but don’t know which utilities you’ll be paying for, always check the lease. In case there’s an issue that needs clarification, don’t hesitate to consult your landlord directly.


When setting up utilities, please set them up individually. For more convenience, experts advise that you begin the procedure three weeks prior to your moving. Generally, you should give your utility suppliers as much notice as possible, especially if they should do the setup manually.

Some general pointers to set up utilities so they’re all set for move-in day are:


  • Know your providers at least three weeks before you move.


  • Call utility companies approximately 2 weeks prior to the move-in day.


  • Confirm that the utilities have been switched off or on successfully on the day you move in.


Point to note: Your utility bills may get slightly tricky when you move. Some utility providers may have some additional charges included for new service processing or set-up. Others will levy a transfer charge.


As you set up your new utilities, consider alternatives that will minimize your utility bill costs, such as saving with solar.


Solar energy is a useful and affordable energy source that most homeowners overlook. Solar panels are cost-effective and can last for years on end when properly installed by professionals.


What’s more, solar panels have a special coating that enables them to withstand elements and preserve as much sunlight as possible for when you need it most.


You can also opt for a prepaid electric service. This kind of plan will enable you to pay a sum prior to you getting power and will only provide you with as much energy as that initial payment covers.


As soon as you use it up, you can put down another installment. It makes it simpler to handle energy charges. And, even better, it doesn’t need a credit check or deposit.


Strive to check out Retail Energy Providers who are part of your new neighborhood’s improvement and growth.


How to Change a Name on Billing Accounts (Step-wise)


Changing your name is a big deal. One of the places you should rush to ensure the change is acknowledged and updated when you change name on utility bill is the utility sector.


The good news is many utility organizations have a simple procedure that enables you to make the update.


Depending on the alteration’s degree, the company may need you to provide some confirmation of the change.


So how do you change a name on billing accounts?


To change the name, you’ll first have to check with the utility organization and discover if you’ll need to complete a particular form so you can request a name change on the existing account.


Most times, any necessary documents will be present on the company’s website.


In case they aren’t, you’ll need to drop by the closest utility office and collect the document personally.


When learning how to change utility bill name, the next step is to collect any required details for account verification, like a rental agreement with the landlord’s name included if you’re leasing an apartment and would like your name placed in the bill.


Should you choose to rent, the proprietor may also require you to fill out another document for the name change appeal.


Afterward, choose any factor of the utility account that may require alteration. This is because some states push your garbage removal, water, and electricity into a single account.


The fourth step is completing the document your utility company will offer and submit it with the required paperwork. Unless the organization accepts digital forms e-mailed and attached to the document, you may have to visit it once again.


Finally, let a single billing cycle pass for any alterations to appear on your statement. The process may take time, so don’t despair if nothing happens in less than a week.


However, if the name remains even after a billing cycle elapses, contact customer service and enquire on the progress of the name change.


Make a List of Utility Services


Prior to moving, you should make a list of the services provided by your various utility companies at the moment and tick those that require to be transferred.


Ensure that you include essential information on the list, such as the phone contacts of your current cable provider, telephone carrier, utility provider, gas provider, and any other utilities you may now have plus the amount you pay on average every month to use the utilities.


Afterward, check with providers in your new area and get their details too, writing a quote for the amount of service if you can. This makes keeping up-to-date details and the procedure of selecting between different utility companies easier.


While going through the possibilities as you discover how to transfer utilities to new comer, remember to update your lists to do away with those that don’t suit your preference and highlight those that may work.


Pay any Balances and Update Your Address


Did you settle all your balances for the time you’ve lived in that place? The last thing you want is to hear from the utility company after you’re all settled elsewhere.


Ensure that you confirm first before nodding any doubts away. Follow up on your payment records. If possible, make calls of inquiry or contact your utility company online to receive your remaining charges, if any.


Clearing any unfinished payments enables you to end your time with your former utility service provider and be sure that there are no extra costs for the delay or consequences.


As you learn how to change name on electric bill, note that failure to pay outstanding charges can have a harmful effect on your credit score.


In that same breath, if you happen to know the address of the place you’re moving to, offer it to your present utility companies so they can forward funds that are due, your deposit, or your final bill.


In case there’s no mailing address, you can as well offer the address of someone that you know and trust. This enables you to get crucial documents or set up a short-lived PO Box in your new neighborhood.


Conduct a Final Meter Reading


With electrical companies being busy and all, they may not always get your meter right- unless you specifically ask them to read it.


You can also save time when learning how to change utility bill name by conducting the final meter reading yourself.


For the electricity meter, note that they exist in four varieties: Dial, digital, smart, and electronic.


In the case of a dial meter, every dial turns in the opposite direction to the one before it. Before reading your dial meter, please have a look at the direction of your dials.


As you learn how to add name to utility bill, note that each dial on all meters turns from 0 to 1 and through to 9, before proceeding to 0 again.

To read an electricity dial meter correctly:


  • Read the dials from the left to the right direction.


  • If the pointer lies between two digits, choose the lower number.


  • Should the arrow fall directly above a number, note that figure down.


  • In case the tip lies between 9 and 0, note the 9 down and lower the reading you have taken for the dial to its left by one.


  • Never read the final dial on the right.


When reading a digital dial, note down the digits from left to right, paying no attention to figures in a red surround or in red.


A smart meter is automatic. Therefore it requires no reading.


For the electronic meter, you can press a circular display button (if it has one) to take the readings. Alternatively, some of these meters just scroll through different displays, so you’ll just have to observe.


As you settle into your new home, consider having a Home Energy Audit done on it. This is an evaluation that assists homeowners to gain optimal energy efficiency in their homes.


The audit can also help you cut the yearly sum you devote to power.




Moving out can be stressful, whether you’ve got a family or not. With all the preparation and headache involved, you’ll need to be in your best state of mind.


One sure way to make this happen is to ensure that you transfer utilities on time. Your utility company is always ready to make the switch and help you out if need be.


Transferring utilities into someone else’s name is as beneficial to you as it is to the new tenant of the place you’re vacating.


You should, therefore, take your time to learn how to change name on utility bill.


From changing the name on a meter bill to conducting the last meter reading, we believe that this article has been of use to you and that you’re ready to put all that you’ve learned into practice.


We wish you the best as you move and hope you have a stress-free moving experience.