Now is a good time to become an independent energy consultant, and to start a firm that gives people across your area the chance to pay what is right and fair for their energy. Why is it a good time? There are a number of reasons, and each one is as compelling as the next. Each one cements the idea that becoming an independent energy consultant is the right choice at this moment in time (and will be something you can enjoy for decades to come. Let’s look a little closer at just what the reasons are, and what it all entails.

What Is An Independent Energy Consultant?

An independent energy consultant is someone who works with a business or domestic household to lower energy bills. It’s that simple, but until recently it was a job that simply couldn’t be performed; now, however, thanks to the fact that the US energy market has been deregulated and there is no longer a monopoly on energy prices due to there being a limited number of providers, it is a possibility.

Now, independent energy consultants are able to visit people or businesses to look at usage history, energy needs, and any conservation goals there might be. As well as helping individuals and corporate clients find an energy supplier to suit their needs, an independent energy consultant can also discuss the different technological advances available to reach those money- and energy-saving goals. This could include solar panels, power-saving lights, or insulation, for example.

The Deregulation Of The Energy Market

Until the late 20th century, natural gas and electricity were regulated throughout the United States. This was often seen as a monopoly, albeit a government-sanctioned one, as it meant that essentially it was the utility companies that had complete control over the sector. There was no choice when it came to which supplier could be used; each operated in their own area, supplying both domestic and commercial properties.

Unfortunately for the energy suppliers, this was not a situation that could last forever. With energy being such an important part of everyone’s lives, powering every element within the home from lighting and heating to white goods and entertainment, as well as being required to run successful businesses, something had to give. There was just too much money being paid to a small number of energy suppliers.

If there was to be real deregulation, however, there were three factors that needed to be satisfied. These were: independent energy suppliers had to have the right to sell energy just like utility companies could; laws would need to be amended to ensure that energy prices were not fixed; utility companies had to allow the gas pipes and power lines to be accessed openly since it was not possible logistically or in terms of cost for each independent energy supplier to have their own pipelines.

These conditions were met, and deregulation took place in 1977. Since then, independent energy suppliers have been able to supply business and domestic properties with gas and electricity.

As an independent energy consultant, this means you are now in an excellent position to make changes to people’s lives and incomes. You have access to a wide range of different suppliers, and your expert knowledge of the market means you can provide your clients with the best advice as to which supplier or suppliers is going to help them the most, not just in terms of cost-saving, but in value for money too. With more flexible energy options, better prices, the ability to switch when required, the energy market is a much better place to work in now than ever before.

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Other Reasons To Start as An Independent Energy Consultant

Although deregulation has certainly been the catalyst to a vast rise in numbers of independent energy consultants, it’s not the only reason that now is the right time to start your energy consultancy firm.

Saving money is at the top of many people’s list of priorities, and if it happens to come from energy, then that’s a positive, but the truth is that money-saving in any form is beneficial. This can certainly be an area to look at; working with people who want to save money in general is a large group, and whether or not they are interested in the energy sector and how switching suppliers can help them in other ways may not factor. However, this shouldn’t matter; if you are helping them to save money, they will work with you.

At the other end of the scale are those who are more interested in energy-efficiency than anything else. For them, saving money is a bonus, but it’s not the sole reason (or even any part of the reason) for speaking to an independent energy consultant. They simply want to know how to make their homes more energy-efficient, and since, as an independent energy consultant, you have access to this information, and you can help them to find the tools and equipment they need to do it, then you are best placed to assist.

Become an Energy Consult Today

When it comes to finding a career that you can work from home, that will give you flexibility and a great work-life balance, that will enable you to help people from all walks of life, and that will be in a sector that is going to see much more growth in the future, becoming an independent energy consultant ticks all the boxes.

For more information about this, and to find out just what it takes to start your own business, contact us will certainly give you plenty to think about, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits that being an independent energy consultant can bring, and we truly believe that once you can see the advantages of becoming a consultant, you’ll be keen to get on board.

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